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Combustion Dynamics

Lecturer:Prof. Sébastien M. Candel École Centrale Paris

Course Content:The course provides an introduction to the analysis of combustion dynamics problems. It includes a tutorial on acoustics and on early combustion instability models and deals with perturbed flame dynamics, flame transfer functions, nonlinear flame dynamics using the flame describing function framework, swirling flames, azimuthal coupling in annular combustors, passive and active control of instabilities. Concepts will be illustrated with experimental data and numerical simulations.

Chemical Kinetic Modelling

Lecturer:Prof. Henry J. Curran National University of Ireland, Galway

Course Content:The course provides an introduction to the development of detailed chemical kinetic mechanisms to describe the oxidation of hydrocarbon and oxygenated hydrocarbon fuels. It includes a tutorial on the importance of thermochemistry and the use of group additivity to estimate/calculate thermodynamic parameters for species using the THERM program. There will be a detailed discussion on the important general classes of reactions associated with fuel oxidation and the calculation/estimation of the important rate constants associated with these reactions. The importance of good experimental data which are used as validation targets will also be discussed.

Advanced Laser Diagnostics in Combustion Research

Lecturer:Prof. Mark Linne University of Edinburgh

Course Content:This course will begin by introducing the basic topics underlying laser diagnostics; including development of commonly used expressions from the equation of radiative transfer, selected topics in physical optics, an introductory explanation of quantum mechanics and molecular structure, transitions, transition strengths and transition line shapes. Following that a selection of diagnostics is presented in the same context. Techniques to be discussed will include absorption, absorption tomography, cavity enhanced techniques, laser induced fluorescence, spontaneous Raman scattering, and new approaches to coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy. The class will conclude with examples from combustion engine research.

Combustion Theory and Applications in CFD

Lecturer:Prof. Heinz Pitsch RWTH Aachen University

Course Content:Fundamental knowledge in laminar and turbulent combustion and applications in CFD: laminar premixed and diffusion flame structure, flammability limits, introduction to turbulence, LES, introduction to turbulent combustion and modeling, regimes of premixed combustion, turbulent burning velocities, flamelet concept and its applications for nonpremixed turbulent combustion, CFD and numerical combustion with application to internal combustion engines and gas turbines.

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