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The Center for Combustion Energy (CCE) of Tsinghua University was founded on August 1, 2010. It is an open research institute, aiming to build a world-class research center on combustion energy and combustion science, and also to set up a base for nurturing research talents, which will help to support the sustainability and innovation of future energy systems.

Professor Chung K. Law, a prominent scholar of combustion community and a member of American National Academy of Engineering, serves as the founding director of CCE. The oversight of CCE is provided by an International Advisory Board consisting of 17 members from overseas and 10 members from China, which will be chaired by Professor Ron Hanson from Stanford University. The members are leaders in the scientific community and they possess expertise covering the entire spectrum of research activities planned for CCE. They are distinguished by memberships in national academies, by appointments as chair professors and as editors-in-chief of premier scientific journals, and by leadership positions in the International Combustion Institute.Up to now several world-class experts and excellent young scientists as well as plenty of outstanding graduate students have joined CCE already.


The mission of CCE is that in ten years’ time it will develop into a leading center on the combustion research and education in the world. In order to accomplish this goal, CCE has also identified the following three missions: to advance combustion science at the fundamental level; to advance clean combustion energy; and to advance combustion research in China. Our research scope covers three areas which are, namely, foundation science, energy science and interdisciplinary science.

With the support of the existing research strength in the following aspects at Tsinghua University including coal combustion, automotive engines, aeronautical research, fires and hazards, CCE will promote its own development by attracting excellent researchers through extensive international exchange and cooperation. We will invite top masters in the world to give lectures in our Global Summer School. Meanwhile, we will continue to play our advantages so as to contribute more to promoting the development of combustion science.

Address: Room 511, Lee Shau Kee Science and Technology Building, Tsinghua University, Haidian Dist., Beijing, China 100084
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