Academic Program

1.Mission and Goals

Tsinghua University emphasizes internationalized education and outstanding research. The pedagogical system and the curriculum design of the “ACE” program refers to the successful experiences of engineering programs in world-class universities like Princeton, UC-Berkeley, MIT, and Caltech. We aim at cultivating academic talents and professionals with broad foundation of knowledge, innovative thinking, and international vision.We emphasize the value of practice and development of individual’s integrity and aspiration to serve to the greater fields in combustion and energy in the country. Our students will not only have solid foundation of science and technology, they will also possess skills for leadership and critical thinking.


The program expects undergraduates to be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes:

-Master in fundamental theories and knowledge in engineering fields;

-Be capable of performing research and innovation in areas of combustion, energy and power;

-Have internationalized vision, adept at intercultural communication and coordination;

-Develop good personal integrity and professional ethics;

-Be able to pursue self-motivated lifelong learning.

3. Program and Degree Conferral

The expected duration of the undergraduate study in our academic program is four years. A more flexible duration can be considered in compliance with the credit management system.

Completion of the “ACE” program leads to the conferral of the Bachelor of Science in Engineering from either the Department of Thermal Engineering, Department of Automotive Engineering, or School of Aerospace Engineering.

4. Academic Credit Hours

To complete the ACE program, one is expected to complete no less than 170credit hours/units, among which 138 are for regular spring and fall semesters, 17 for summer practical training, and 15 for comprehensive thesis training in the spring semester of the senior year.

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