The graduate program aims to empower its graduates with a broad knowledge of combustion science and technology; a commanding expertise in the specific area of the thesis research; an innate ability to exercise critical thinking and to appreciate scientific beauty, and a passion of lifelong learning. The graduates are expected to assume leadership positions in scientific communities and the society at large, with honorable and high ethical standards, passion for knowledge discovery, and compassion for humanity.

Most of the Center courses will be conducted in English, given by the outstanding faculty almost entirely recruited from leading universities in the U.S. and Europe. Visiting faculties who are well known as master teachers will also give guest lectures and courses. Students will also have the opportunities to meet with world leading experts on fluids and combustion through their invited seminars (see Beacon series) and other outreach activities such as the Tsinghua-Princeton-CI Summer School on Combustion (see "Outreach: Combustion Summer School" webpages).

The CCE now has about 60 doctoral students, with the goal of reaching 100 in steady operation. Through their participation in our well-funded projects in the areas of aero-engine combustion, chemical kinetics, multi-phase flow, turbulent flow, and diagnostics, they have possessed skills to discover valuable sciences from the most fundamental elements of experiments, theories, and numerical simulations. We have also sent some of our students for short-term visits of three months to a year to colleagues overseas for enrichment and collaboration research (see international exchange). Since these students are already well trained in their knowledge and skill, such visits have invariably led to joint publications and long-term collaboration.

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