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Summer School on Combustion

The Tsinghua-Princeton-CI Summer School on Combustion is an annual event held by the Center for Combustion Energy (CCE). Since its first session in 2012, it has become one of the most reputable summer school in the combustion field in the Asian-Pacific areas. Invited lecturers are all world-renowned scholars in the field of combustion theory, turbulent combustion, combustion chemistry, and diagnostics. Organized by Prof. Chung K. Law (Founding Director of the CCE and Robert H. Goddard Professor in Princeton University), our summer school has a steady attendee number of around 400 people per year now. Most among them are the faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students from universities in Asian-Pacific countries as well as R&D engineers from engine-, oil-, and energy-related industries. This initiative aims to promote the combustion science and research as well as international collaborations in the greater Asian-Pacific areas. More details from the past years' session can be found on the left menu.

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