Wenkai LIANG

Assistant Professor

Address:Tsinghua University, Center for Combustion Energy, Beijing 100084, China
Office:Lee Shau Kee Science and Technology Building B-545

Education Background

2014-2018 Ph.D., Princeton University

2012-2014 M. A., Princeton University

2008-2012 B. Sc., Peking University

Work Experiences

2022-now   Assistant Professor, Center for Combustion Energy, Tsinghua University

2018-2022  Postdoctoral Researcher, Princeton University

Other Professional Positions


Research Areas and Interests

My research focuses on combustion and energy conversion, including combustion theory, chemical kinetics, flame dynamics and so on.

Honors and Awards

2020 Bernard Lewis Fellowship

2018 CSC Award for Outstanding Overseas Students

Books and Patents


Journal Publications


Recent Publications:

1. Haiyue Li, Wenkai Liang*, Chung K. Law. Role of ozone addition on premixed hydrogen/oxygen flames: Multi-zone structure and multi-regime dynamics. Combustion and Flame, 242 (2022), 112188.

2. Ruiguang Yu, Jie Liu*, Wenkai Liang, Bin Ma, Hewu Wang. On the controlling mechanism of the lower turning point in the negative temperature coefficient regime. Fuel 315 (2022), 123184

3. Cheng Zhou, Wenkai Liang*, Zheng Chen. On explosion limits of ammonia-oxygen mixtures with hydrogen addition: sensitivity and nonmonotonicity. Energy & Fuels, 35, 17 (2021), 14035-14041.

4. Shiqing Kang, Wendi Dong, Wenkai Liang*, Bin Yang*. An experimental investigation on two-stage low-temperature heat release in iso-octane auto-ignition. Combustion and Flame, 234 (2021), 111636.

5. Wenkai Liang, Chung K. Law*. Theory of supercritical flames with real-fluid equations of state. Combustion Theory and Modelling, 25:6 (2021), 1002-1018.

6. Wenhu Han*, Jin Huang, Wenkai Liang, Cheng Wang, Rémy Mével, Chung K Law. Unsteady propagation of detonation with multi-stage heat release. Fuel, 296 (2021), 120666.

7. Wenhu Han*, Wenkai Liang, Cheng Wang, Jennifer Wen, Chung K. Law. Spontaneous initiation and development of hydrogen-oxygen detonation with ozone sensitization. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 38 (2021), 3575-3583.

8. Wendi Dong, Wenkai Liang*, Chung K. Law. Kinetic study of two-stage low-temperature heat release in iso-octane auto-ignition. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 125 (2021), 6, 1374-1383. [Featured on the Journal Front Cover]

9. Tao Shu, Yuan Xue, Wenkai Liang*, Zhuyin Ren. Extrapolations of laminar flame speeds from expanding spherical flames based on the finite-structure stretched flames. Combustion and Flame, 226 (2021), 445-454.

10. Shengqiang Lin, Ming Xie, Jiaxing Wang, Wenkai Liang, Chung K. Law, Weixing Zhou*, Bin Yang*. Chemical kinetic model reduction through species-targeted global sensitivity analysis. Combustion and Flame, 224 (2021), 73-82.

Address: Room 511, Lee Shau Kee Science and Technology Building, Tsinghua University, Haidian Dist., Beijing, China 100084
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