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CCE Poster Day successfully held


To promote academic atmosphere and elevate students’ communication skills, Center for Combustion Energy hosted the “CCE Poster Day” in the afternoon of May 26, 2021.

Presented by student authors, posters were required to be in English, with well-organized and lucid content with figures supported by texts. There were 27 posters joining the event this year, including 8 from the undergraduate course “Research Practice” and many CCE graduate students. Topics include nano-catalyst design, research methods for chemical kinetics, multiphase turbulent flows and heat transfer, laser diagnostics, detonation theory, explosion limits for gases in a space chambers, and flame synthesis for specialty materials.

Pictures from the CCE Poster Day

Top three posters were selected for undergraduate and graduate students based on voluntary votes from all students and faculty members. Below is the list of awardees:

1. Best Graduate Student Poster Award

(a) Yu Zhao, Dongmei Wan, Xiaoliang Chen, Adviser: Haitao Xu and Xing Chao, Title: Uniform breaking of liquid-jets by modulated laser heating

(b) Xu Han, Zeyun Zhang, Adviser: Xuefei Xu, Title: Single atom catalysts supported on N-doped graphene toward fast kinetics in Li−S batteries: a theoretical study

(c) Yuhe Lin, Adviser: Haitao Xu, Title: Dynamic Gaussian filtering for measuring acceleration from Lagrangian particle trajectories

2. Best Undergraduate Student Poster Award

(a) Zhaoyuan Huang, Jiawei Xu, Feixue Cai, Adviser: Remy Mevel, Title: On a Meaningful Comparison of the Critical Curvature and Critical Decay Rate Models

(b) Yihong Du, Datong Xie, Adviser: Xuefei Xu, Title: Classical Trajectory Study of Collisional Energy Transfer

(c) Xun Zhu, Zepeng Zhu, Chenyue Tao, Peiran Yang, Adviser: Chao Sun, Title: The entry of the solid spheres into a two-layer system of immiscible liquids

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